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It is excitement, adventure and really awesome. Everything was perfect rafting, waterfall, staying, food etc. A very good experience, which you should feel every year (at least once in life time). We have decided to arrange similar trip every year. Thanks to Abhivan and team for such a wonderful arrangement. Just FANTASTIC!!!
M.K. Mark

Nice, The whole experience of Rishikesh was just FANTASTIC!!! The best part of the trip was the Rafting and the Waterfall....... The Camp site was beautiful and we as a group throughly enjoyed our stay and all the adventure. Also, i would like to mention here that the prices given to us were very reasonable. Thanks for the Wonderful experience. Hope to see u guys again soon....
Sam - Mumbai, India

It was really a lot of fun camping at Rsihikesh. The team took good care of us. Though medical facilities are not available at the campsite, when we needed medical assistance, a doctor was called in immediately. We are really thankful for all the facilities and services made available at the camp.
D.Koli [UK]

Thanks a heap for taking us one an unforgettable sightseeing tour of Rishikesh. The life on the banks of Ganges was worth experiencing. We are hoping to come back to Uttarakhand soon. And once again we would like to have the superior services of
Amit Delhi

Me and my husband are nature lover and so we decide to do a beginner trek this time, after searching lot on internet we decided to do Kuari pass trek with Trek the Himalayas. We started our trek from New Delhi to Haridwar by train and from there, drive to Joshimath. Next day we start our trek we counter with drier terrain, steep cliff, and pink and white Rhododendron flower en route, alpine meadow at head of the Tali top. It looks like that god had made the route very beautiful. Going to Kuari and coming back to Joshimath via Tali, it's an amazing experience for us. We never thought we would love this trek so much, away for urbanisation actually we together enjoyed the trek and love to do more trek in future.
Neelam Colwin & Family

"Thank you for your organization for our trip. As we look back at our time here, I am sure our memories will be significant. Apart from the extraordinary beauty of Garhwal & Kumaon, we will also remember, the very comfortable arrangements, the unique aspect of your place is your people, their attitude, their warm hearts, their ability to care. No amount of money can compensate for your attitude towards tourism."
Anup Sharma & Family
Mumbai, India