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Bungee Jumping Adventure:

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is another adventure sport which is quite famous besides water rafting. By Bungee jumping we mean the sport which consists of jumping down from a height with your ankles strapped to a safety elastic rope. The experience of Bungee jump is awesome as you get the opportunity to visualize nature altogether in a different way.

The thrilling experience of Bungee Jump made the sports more appealing to the people who are ultimate lover of adventure. The first ever jumping height with a fixed platform is made available at Rishikesh. All you need to do is to fall down from a height of 83 meters with one ankle tied with thick rope. You will fall down in a safe zone over the waters of a tributary of the river Ganges where from you can easily reach the river bank.

The adventure sport is conducted under the guidance and presence of experts. The sport is full of risk and that's the reason the same needs to be performed in the presence of experts. Mr David from New Zealand is the man behind the construction of the super adventures sport at Rishikesh. The jumping site is about 4 kms ahead of the camp on the Neelkanth road.

If you are supreme lover of adventure sports, then come and join the Rainbow camp team over here at Rishikesh to enjoy Bungee Jumping and the natural beauty of the Devine city of the Almighty river Ganges.

Minimum Requirements:
Age: Minimum -12 year
Weight: Minimum - 35 kg and Maximum - 120 kg


Jumping is fun and an exhilarating adventure tourism experience. We have ensured safety by hiring services of technically qualified extreme adventure sports experts with years of experience of operating these sports in New Zealand, the country which has commercialized the BUNGEE. The Jump Platforms have been designed by the team from New Zealand and we have flown in Jump Masters from New Zealand to operate the site. We ensure safety by making sure we have a highly experienced crew, a high level of training, the best equipment and procedures in place. We have in place a number of checks and counter checks and very thorough inspection schedules to ensure a high level of safety standards.

Adventure Medical Conditions

Individuals with the below list of medical conditions are not advised to do any of the above activities
Heart Problems
High Blood pressure
Back Ache
Recently fracture